Creation of law and abiding by the law

Since time immemorial, people have always had an issue when it comes to the creation of law and abiding by the law. One of the major issues when it comes to the making of law is that not everyone will be satisfied with the final decision for various reasons. This has been the same when it comes to the issue of abortion. For different reasons, this has brought about several issues and one of the main issues is that some people support the idea of abortion while others do not support it at all. In the United States, some states have adopted the law legalizing abortion but it is not accepted by everyone. It is mostly facing a lot of criticism, especially from the people of the Christian community who believe that it is against their religion and faith to take part in abortions. For the unit 3 project, the best thing to conduct is research on the abortion ban.
To start, the first text is aimed at addressing the issue of abortion that relates to most women of color. The women of color are chosen to be the most favorable audience in this case since this is a major issue that is hugely affecting them. For the past few years, there have been issues where women want to push for their rights and one of their rights is that they should be allowed to conduct abortions when they would like to. However, most states have not been able to grant this wish instead, women have been given the right to conduct an abortion only under various circumstances. For instance, if one is raped, they have the right to carry out abortions. Another instance is where the pregnancy is putting a threat to the life of a parent. In this case, the law allows for abortion. As stated earlier, when laws are made, not everyone will be satisfied as some people will feel that abortion should not be allowed regardless of the circumstances while other people will feel that it should be allowed without any limitation being given (Nowicka, 2018).

Explanation of situation

From the first text, it is evident that the main issue of research, in this case, is the abortion ban. The text tries to show the different controversies that exist regarding this specific ban on abortion. The specific audience is the women of color since this is an issue they can easily relate to and one they can easily table their view about. The main purpose of the text is to argue out what exactly should be done about abortion and whether it is right to ban it or it is wrong to make an abortion ban. People have different issues on the matter and they should all be listened to before a final decision is made. For this reason, the genre of the text that they will be reviewing is an argumentative one. An argumentative genre is the kind of text that will bring an idea to the table and look at both its advantages and disadvantages in a fair manner so that at the end of the text, one will be able to make a good decision on which side of the argument they would like to lean on or support. For instance, in this case, at the end of the discussion, one should decide on whether the abortion ban is advantageous or disadvantageous.

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Text two

The second text puts its focus on abortion care. Agreeably, `abortion care is one of the most common medical procedures in the USA, hitherto the fall of Roe v. Wade had to navigate devious legal and educational hurdles of training as abortion providers. Based on the last months of the Supreme Court decision, freeing states to ban abortions, such barriers are still growing. Some abortion proponents have warned that the recent move could exacerbate the nationwide shortage of abortion providers, which threatens the procedure of doing it, even in blue states that are acting to guarantee its access, that it was first thought it would. Moreover, the restrictions have raised fear for some students that they may not be able to get or secure an abortion if they need one or that they will face discrimination for gender differences

Moreover, these regulations on abortion are complex ranging from consent, judicial bypass, and involvement of other adults, among other procedures. Based on an interview, some students are worried about facing prejudice or being politically shunned for their stand. However, it is still early to determine whether such concerns that students and other stakeholders have raised would affect admissions based on a measurable way or based on other recent divisive state laws that suggest that there could be overall implications. Additionally, some students have clearly stated that they will not apply to admissions in colleges and universities in areas and states that may infringe on their access to their reproductive rights (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2018). T

Explanation `of the situation

For this text, the main audience is students. This is because the issue of abortion care has a lot to do with students and they can easily relate to the issue. The issue also relates to students because their opinion can be of great help in this case but yet they are not able to voice their views without fear. The purpose of this text is to help students understand what the different decisions that could be made by the supreme court regarding abortion care would mean for them and what would be the best decision for them. the genre text will be the same as that of text one and that is an argumentative genre. The reason why it is important to use this type of genre is that it will help one decide on their own and the writer will not make the decision for anyone. Students will have to way their potion depending on the weight of the discussion given (Ferretti, (2019).

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