Creating Value(case3)


Creating Value(case3)

Project description
Creating Value

Assignment Overview

The case for this module is about understanding the development of IT strategies that support and are supported by business strategy. Given the large amount of investments in IT, companies need to get high IT business value. To do that, a good IT strategy is essential.

In the first reading, Smith et al. (2007) discuss five critical success factors that organizations must consider in creating an IT strategy within an organization. For example, they say that one of the most important factors is that senior managers in high performing companies take a leadership role in IT decision making (p.54). The authors discuss other factors that were identified in the focus groups conducted with IT managers from 15 different organizations. In addition, they present some of the best practices and challenges faced by those IT managers while developing their IT strategies.

Required Readings

SMITH, H. A., MCKEEN, J. D., & SINGH, S. (2007). DEVELOPING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY FOR BUSINESS VALUE. Journal of Information Technology Management, XVIII(1), 49-58. Retrieved from

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Joe Peppard and John Ward (2005), Unlocking Sustained Business Value from IT Investments, California Business Review 48 (1) 52-69, Retrieved from

Reviews and responses to the book at

Case Assignment

When you’ve read through the required readings and other related material, scanned the websites, and thought about it carefully, please prepare a short (4-page) paper discussing the question:

“How can organizations create business value from IT investments?”

Submit your paper upon completion

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