Creating a campaign memo

You are a seasoned, Democratic political operative, with extensive experience managing state and local campaigns in Rhode Island.

You are approached by wealthy, female entrepreneur with no political experience, who expresses an interest in running for Governor of Rhode Island in 2022. She contracts you to draft a campaign strategy memo laying out her path to victory.

Draft a campaign memo that addresses all of the following:

Rhode Island’s election rules and procedures, including but not limited to eligibility requirements for candidates, ballot access requirements, election dates and timetables, voting qualifications and procedures, etc.;

campaign fundraising, including but not limited to how much a successful Democratic gubernatorial campaign will have to raise and spend, a donor taxonomy, an explanation of Rhode Island’s public matching funds’ program, and campaign spending rules;

Rhode Island’s Democratic party “ecosystem” and how its various components may assist your campaign;

potential interest groups that may be enlisted for support and how they might do so;

media strategy, including statewide and local media outlets and their potential impacts on voters; and

estimate of voter turnout and voter targeting, including key cities and towns, etc.

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