create topic accordingly for this philosophy of science paper

Please create topic accordingly for this philosophy of science paper
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The theme of the paper is “Observation and theory” in respect of science

1. It must show that you are able to take a comprehensive, integrated view of a central theme in philosophy of science, i.e., that you are able to draw a thread or compose a philosophical narrative that goes through the material you can find.

2. Please note that part of your task is to formulate an essay question, or articulate a more specific overarching thesis, around which your essay is organized; it needs to be clear from your introductory first paragraph what this is.

3. The expected length is 2200-2500 words.

4. Be very careful when consulting non-academic sources (such as Wikipedia) and do not rely on or cite such sources. (The online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a recommended source, instead.)

5. Please try to use Ladyman’s “Structural Realism” and Putnam’s “What Theories Are Not” (both attached) in the term paper.

6. The essays will be evaluated on accuracy of content, clarity of writing and explanation, proper structure (introduction/conclusion/use of paragraphs), and relevance (focusing on the essential, leaving out the less important).

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