Courtroom Drama

THE CASE: A patient, who was both a patient and an employee of UAGC Hospital, alleged that his/her
protected health information (PHI) was impermissibly disclosed to his/her supervisor. UAGC Hospital
distributed an Operating Room (OR) schedule to employees via email; the hospital’s OR schedule contained
information about the patient’s upcoming surgery. Information disclosed included, but was not limited to, his/her
Social Security number, birth date, age, residence, insurance and/or payment information, former surgeries,
former and current medications, past medical conditions, her primary care physician, her personal psychiatrist,
and other health professionals that she had seen throughout the past year. The patient’s supervisor was not
part of the OR team or the patient’s treatment team but was a considered to be in a senior administrative
position within the facility.
THE SUIT: The patient is suing UAGC Hospital for the improper release of her health information, protected
under the Privacy Rule
Research the case, as well as the legal and ethical standards surrounding the issues from both sides. Use
chapter 5 (attached) and other credible sources to write a post in 250 words arguing either in favor of the
plaintiff or the defendant. If you argued in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant, then write a 100 word post
explaining why you are against the plaintiff or defendant. For example, if you wrote a 250 words in favor of the
plaintiff, write a 100 word post stating why you are against the defendant.

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