Course:Nurs 6259 Leadership Practicum

Course:Nurs 6259 Leadership Practicum

•    Recognize the impact of nursing leadership and management decisions on patient outcomes.
•    Please  readChapter  4-8 On Becoming a Leader.
You can found this chapter on this website,
Please read———————Page 67-164
Chapter 4—knowing the world
Chapter 5—operating on Instinct
Chapter 6—deploying yourself: strike hard, try everything
Chapter 7—moving through chaos
Chapter 8—gerring people on your side.

Required Textbooks

•    Bennis, W. (2009). On becoming a leader. Philadelphia, PA: Jossey Bass.


Discussion:  In two substantive paragraphs relate the book On Becoming a Leader (Chapters 4-8) to your Practicum experience.

My Leadership Practicum is G.W.U hospital with Quality specialist (Ivy Benjenk) My background is I am a master student in Nursing leadership and management. I am also working as a registered Nurse. —, Please read my interim practicm experiences for reference (read attached file). Must read chapter 4-8 “On becoming  aLeader”and write my leadership  learning experiences relate with required readings.

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