Country Notebook-A guide of international marketing plan

Country Notebook-A guide of international marketing plan

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The purpose of this project is to give you an in-depth experience in doing the analysis and creating a marketing plan for marketing a product in another country.

The Notebook is made up of four parts:

Cultural analysis
Economic analysis
Market audit and comprehensive market analysis
Preliminary marketing plan
The outline and details for the notebook can be found in Part Six of the text book.

This project will require a lot of research on your part. You may use any and all sources, including the Internet (i.e. the CIA factbooks for different countries, Department of State information, etc.), magazines and books, personal interviews, and any other source that you can find.

You may choose any existing product and any country for this project. Keep in mind that you may want to select a product and a country for which there is a lot of readily available information. Still, depending on your product and the country you select, you may find that some information just isn’t available … welcome to the real world of international marketing. In those situations, use your brain and creativity to work around the problem.

Note that the guideline is in outline form. It is perfectly acceptable for your notebook to be in an outline format… in other words, fill in the information that is called for in the different sections. You do NOT need to write in paragraph form. Indeed, I would prefer that you go with the outline, since this will be easier to read.

You will turn in the first three sections in rough draft form by the end of the weeks noted in the syllabus schedule (Course Information). At the end of the course, you will turn in the fourth and final section along with the other three sections as one completed notebook.

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