Counceling Session

Counceling Session

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Counselee Name: Etta is a mental illness patient with a wide range of mental Health conditions
And disorders that affects her mood, thinking and behavior. As long as she Etta take her medicine she is able to live alone as an effective citizen. Etta have mental health concerns from time to time, but when Etta do not take her medication she have ongoing signs of mental illness which affect her ability to function. I have met with her doctor and her social worker, her social worker and doctor and we agree her symptoms can be managed with a combination of medication and Christian counseling

Counseling Session Outline

Counselee’s Name:



Occupation: (If known)

Setting of the Counseling Session:

Problem presented:

Confidentiality presented:

Scriptures used:

Homework assigned:

Goals set:

Counseling Intervention:

Counseling Session Example

Counselee’s Name: Jane Doe

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Occupation: Office Manager

Setting of the Counseling Session: Agape Counseling Center

Problem presented: Ms. Doe states she is experiencing frustration and anger due to repeated hostility from a coworker, who she describes as a friend. She also states she enjoys her job and does not want to leave. However, she is worried she may have to if the situation isn’t resolve. Ms. Doe believes the conflict started when she was promoted to manager about six months ago.

Confidentiality presented: Ms. Doe was informed that the services at Agape Counseling Center are Christ-centered, and interventions and techniques utilized are Biblically based. They may include, but are not limited to prayer, scripture reading and scripture-focused homework assignments. Ms. Doe was also informed that sessions are confidential and that what is discussed cannot be disclosed without her written consent, except in the case of the following:
• Disclosure of harm to self or someone else
• Disclosure of neglect or abuse to a child under 18 years old
• Disclosure of neglect or abuse of an elderly person or incapacitated adult (18+)
• By court order of a judge
Ms. Doe was presented with documents for her signature detailing the information above, as well as consent for services and detailing Agape Counseling Center’s fee policy. Note: Fees for services must be also disclosed up front.

Scriptures used: Psalm 37, 39-40; Ephesians 4:26-27, 31; Matthew 5:43-48; Matthew 18:15-17; Philippians 4:4-6; Matthew 5:9

Homework assigned:
1. Prayer and journaling assignment: Counselee will pray and ask God to reveal her “true” feelings about the coworker and counselee’s part in the conflict. Counselee will then journal what Holy Spirit has revealed to her and bring into next session.
2. Counselee will meditate on Matthew 5:43-48 and follow the scripture in praying daily for the coworker.
3. Counselee will meditate on Ephesians 4:26-27 for understanding the Biblical way to processing through her anger.
4. Counselee will meditate on Matthew 18:15-17 and follow scripture for resolving the conflict with coworker. Note: Counselee should also follow her company’s policy for handling a hostile work environment.
5. Counselee will meditate on Psalm 37 to build confidence and trust in God to work the situation out and bring healing.
6. Counselee will meditate on Philippians 4:4-6 and journal feelings of anxiousness and worry regarding the situation.
7. Counselee will meditate on Matthew 5:9 and journal what Holy Spirit reveals to her about this verse in regards to her situation.

Goals set: The counseling process with consist of a minimum of eight weeks and further sessions will be based on client’s progress and as determined by both the counselee and counselor. The goals for counseling as agreed upon by both the counselee and counselor are:
1. The main goal is to assist counselee in resolving the conflict with her coworker in a Christ-like manner so that God will be glorified in the situation. By doing so, the coworker may be won or drawn back to the Lord by counselee’s Christian behavior (witness).
2. To reduce counselee’s internal distress with regards to her feelings of anxiety and worry and bring her to a place of peace in God.
3. To assist counselee with processing her feelings of anger (internal distress) in a Godly manner by being a peacemaker.

Counseling Intervention: Interventions will include, but are not limited to:
1. Prayer
2. Scripture meditation
3. Journaling of feelings and revelation about those feelings from Holy Spirit
4. TDCR-C technique ©; Note: TDCR-C is an acronym for Trust, Delight, Commit, Rest and Cease. It is based on Psalm 37:1-8, and is an intervention I use when working with individuals who are struggling with anger, anxiety and worry. The objective of this intervention is to help them see that only when they:
a. Trust in God
b. Delight in God
c. Commit to God
d. Rest in God, (He can help them):
e. Cease from anger, forsake wrath and stop fretting (anxiety and worry)

Closure: Termination of the counseling process will be based on the accomplishment of the above goals, reduction of counselee’s internal distress and counselee being empowered and equipped by Holy Spirit with the Biblical means for resolving future conflict.
Note: Sometimes the counseling process may terminate earlier than the timeframe originally set. Early termination can be for several reasons. For example, by the counselee and/or counselor when the situation has been resolved earlier than expected. Or, by the counselor due to a lack of commitment by the counselee in following through with the “agreed upon” assignments.


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