Corwin Corporation Case

Read Case 3: Corwin Corporation Case 8 in the case study section of your text. Write a summary of the case and answer the following questions from the end of the case.

  1. All projects involve some degree of risk management. Can assessments measure the firm’s ability to take risks and the processes used for risk management?
  2. Corwin Corporation has both product lines and specialty products. Should the same PMMM assessments be used for both?
  3. Assessment instruments can measure project governance and approvals. Should the same assessments be used for approvals needed during project execution and competitive bidding activities?
  4. Companies that perform “backward pricing” often put pressure on project teams and force them to take unnecessary risks. Can the source of risks be measured and identified as part of assessments?
  5. Some companies allow onsite representatives from their clients to reside in the building during the execution of the project. Should this be covered as part of assessments?

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