Corporate Sustainability

The focus of this course, by and large, has been on improving operational efficiency, reducing operating costs, as well as improving quality and enhancing customer experience.

In contrast, this Final Project turns the attention to sustainability, with a special emphasis on the impact of industrial and commercial activities in the production of greenhouse effect (GHE) gases.

This Forbes Magazine article (Links to an external site.) published last Summer contains a list of corporations with information on their carbon footprint reduction initiatives.
In this article The Guardian (Links to an external site.) lists 20 firms behind one third of global carbon emissions. Not surprisingly, all are in the fossil fuel industry.
In this article the World Shipping Council (Links to an external site.) provides emission levels produced by moving freight using different modes of transportation.
In 2005 the European Union established the Emission Trading System (Links to an external site.), a scheme to enable companies operating in EU countries to reach their emission reduction targets in a cost-effective manner.

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