Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

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Assessment task title: Research conference paper
Details of Task: This is a GROUP assessment task. You are required to complete a conference paper based on your own group research conducted with colleagues in groups of four (4). The conference paper will address the question: How should corporate social responsibility (CSR) be enacted?
The response to this question must focus on one specific area:
o ? industry (e.g. mining or banking); ?
o ? management function (e.g. human resource management, marketing); ?
o ? country, geographical region, type of country (e.g. China, a developing nation) ?
o ? management practice (e.g. social reporting); organisation (e.g. ANZ Bank) OR ?
o ? type of organisation (e.g. NGO, family run business, small business).?
To undertake this research you should use non-primary sources of data such as government documents, industry reports, media reports, company reports/websites, anti-corporate/social activist reports, reports from non-government organisations (NGOs) IN ADDITION TO scholarly literature.
My topic for the report is
Does KFC has proper CSR in place with obesity in Australia?

1 Introduction (250words) – 2 references and Garriga & Mele (2004) Definition of CSR , what is KFC CSR previous project and purpose of the paper (Question Does KFC has proper CSR in place with obesity in Australia?)
3.3.1 Key Issue 1 (150 words) – 1 reference (journal article)
5.1 Issue 1: NAME ?
5.1.1 Discussion (50 words) – 1 reference
5.1.2 Recommendation (100 words) – 2 references

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