COPD in the United States

Prompt 1: How many patients are suffering from COPD in the United States? Do COPD sufferers die of respiratory causes or other causes? (Be sure to cite the data.)

Prompt 2: What two separate diseases are the main COPD diseases? Give background on each disease.

Prompt 3: How does COPD correlate with left ventricular pressure and primary heart failure?

Prompt 4: What are the three types of bronchodilators, and how do they function to alleviate the symptoms of COPD? What are other possible treatments for COPD?

Prompt 5: Through which mechanism does bronchiolitis cause the destruction of alveoli? Is emphysema genetic? Can environmental factors increase the risk of emphysema? Why or why not?

Prompt 6: Is lung transplantation a solution for emphysema? Can new technology be useful in the treatment of emphysema? Why or why not?

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