Control systems

Control systems

I back again with new assignment, but this time i need 5 different copies not 4. This report will be divided for 2 part. 1st part is control level. and the 2nd one is the matlab work.
1st part:

In the first part i uploaded for you two files starts with (1) and (2)

(1) is shows until where we stopped in this work, and (2) is the full assignment. indeed we need introduction, discussion and conclusion for this par.
2nd part:

this part is the simulation part, you will find in the criteria what you need to do exactly, he didn’t ask for a full report in this assignment however, you need to explain your steps in matlab, put some comments and show a clarification for the work. I uploaded 3 powerpoint slides for this part, you can use some details for that and reference it.

we already did 1 and 2 in part B I will upload it to you today to get an idea about the work but i didn’t write and details in that.

as usual don’t hesitate to ask any question.

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