Control & Audit of Accounting Information Systems (Learning outcome)

Control & Audit of Accounting Information Systems (Learning outcome)

This assignment requires you to choose a New Zealand publicly listed company. You are expected to prepare a report for consideration by the company’s board of directors. The report should address the key system control issues outlined below.

(( The company i choose is Air New Zealand ))
1) Explain the threats faced by modern information systems
2) Identify where the company could be exposed to computer attack or abuse
3) Research control model theory and suggest a model best suited to your company
4) From your findings above suggest a combination of controls that the company should have in place to provide assurance to the company regarding information security.
5) Identify specific controls that will enable the company to protect the privacy of its customers personal information.
6) Justify your comments with reference where possible to current examples, issues or events in the media to link and demonstrate your understanding.
1. Choose a New Zealand publically listed company. Obtain a copy of the Annual report and use this as a starting point for this assignment. Your research should include websites, books, magazine articles and newspapers. At least three different sources should be used.

2. Hand in the written summary to your lecturer on the due date. You need to hand in a soft copy and an unbound hard copy of your written assignment. It needs to be dropped via the Turn-it –in link on Moodle..

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