Contemporary Political Leadership

• Security –select one of the dimensions -health, immigration, food, cyber, water

• COVID 19 – research the impact on a specific country with respect to one dimension- economic, political stability, education, physical & mental well-being, international cooperation, vaccine nationalism

• Contemporary Political Leadership-
o Trumpism/ Putism/ Xism/
o Middle East –peace, security and prosperity
o Nationalism vs Globalization/
o Economic/ political/ legal/social impacts of COVID 19
o Balance of power/global leadership in the 21 century
o Ethical/moral considerations
o Authoritarianism
o International norms vs new national imperatives –human rights

• Social Media
(political/economic/ social impacts
/ positive negative impacts/ change agents

• Social Justice/Poverty
North- South Gap

• News media ( their roles as change agents/ impact on public perception/ role and responsibilities)

• Corruption and Development

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