Consumer Good

Consumer Good

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this work will involve your evaluation of a package of a consumer good.

Here are the instructions for the assignment:

1. Select a packaged good of your choice. Food products are usually good examples to use, but you may select another type of packaged good if you wish.

2. Evaluate the package of your selected product based on the 10 PACKAGING FUNCTIONS. I have also posted those packaging functions as a document. So, feel free to use

that document to assist you in your evaluation of the package of your selected product.

3. Your evaluation should be 1-2 pages in length. Your discussion should be focused on the extent to which your selected package has achieved each of the major

packaging functions.

PACKAGING FUNCTIONS: Packaging enhances brand equity through the following functions:
1.    Product Protection: protecting product contents from damage such as breakage, leakage, spoilage, etc.

2.    Attention:  getting the attention of consumers who are in busy shopping environments

3.    Differentiation:  having distinctive design features which positively differentiate the brand from competition.

4.    Target Marketing: signaling which types of target groups that the product should appeal to, such as demographic, psychographic, benefit segments, etc.

5.    Information/Disclosure:  disclosing important consumer information for legal, consumption, and other marketing purposes, such as ingredients, directions,

product history, etc.

6.    Safety/Liability Protection: meeting the duty to warn consumers of foreseeable dangers connected to product consumption.

7.    Environmental Concern: informing about environmental impact concerns such as recyclability, disposability, ozone friendliness, etc.

8.    Cross-Promotion:  jointly promoting the brand with other external or internal brands.

9.    Additional Package Uses:  enabling use of the package after the product’s contents have been consumed.

10.    Innovation: providing packaging innovations as an alternative or complement to new product development.


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