construction management

construction management
If you could build an affordable energy efficient house, where, what, why and how would you
build. Discuss how you would respond to your chosen climate through the passive and/or
active design features of your house in order to make it comfortable and energy efficient. To
develop a realistic response you will need to have an understanding of the climate in which you
will be building (there are many online resources for this). Your paper should include a
discussion of the following important points:
• Determine best building orientation for the chosen climate zone
• Who will use the building and how – draw a floor plan
• Determine best way to minimize heating and cooling costs of your house
• How much will the house cost to build – materials vs. size
Use words, drawings, graphics and pictures as you feel necessary. Your paper should be
limited to 1000 words.
Written content
– Description of building use and function 10
– Building passive response to site and climate 10
– Energy efficiency features (passive and active) 10
– Affordability (a basic cost estimate) 10
Graphic content
– Mind map of project 10
– Floor plan drawing 20
– Supporting graphics 10
Formatting, grammar, etc. 20
Total 100

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