Constructing an annoted outline

Picture yourself as the administrator (Sheriff or Police Chief) of a large law enforcement agency. You have been appointed to the County’s new Racial Equity Team. Each governmental Department within the City and County are represented and have been tasked with the overall mission to identify issues, problems, and solutions in their departments and among their staff primarily to reform diversity training and policy. Members of the Racial Equity Team must address the local council to report how they might identify gaps, omissions, much need revisions in policy and training.

For this assignment, you will construct an annotated outline specifically detailing the following:

  1. Describe the current demographic of the citizens you serve.
  2. Explain how implicit bias has impacted the culture of your organization and its effect on external stakeholders.
  3. Describe the internal and external stakeholders who would be affected by policy and training reforms and identify their anticipated criticisms and concerns.
  4. Address these concerns through police and training reforms (specifically mention implicit bias and how you will go about making these changes and assessing performance). You might also consider the demographic makeup of your department as it relates to the demographic makeup of the community to anticipate questions directly aimed at implicit bias and the degree of its impact.

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