Constitutional Republic Vs. Dictatorship Reign

Think of all the exciting and interesting facts you now know about the nation’s intelligence agencies that may have been unknown to you prior to taking this course. An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an active and educated citizenship are a must to ensure that the interests of the people are being met in the context of our nation’s Constitutional Republic.
This project asks you to consider what it means to live in a Constitutional Republic in the 21st Century.
What is a Constitutional Republic in contrast with a straight dictatorship or other such tyrannical despotic regime that we see popping up in the various corners of the globe?
What is the value of living in a Constitutional Republic?
The second half of this project asks you to provide an argument for how much citizens need to know about the domestic operational tactics made by the various intelligence agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA) against the American people.
How much personal intrusion is too much, and why?
Provide analysis and elaboration on this topic bringing relevant court case decisions into your analysis.
Write a ten-page (10) paper with seven (7) source citations from your textbook, relevant government websites, and/or academic peer-reviewed journal articles retrieved from the university library databases.

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