Connoisseurship, works on paper study room report

Topic: Connoisseurship, works on paper study room report

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I have attached the requirements for the assignment. I have been assigned Grant Wood. I am required to go to the Met Museum and do a report on two of the Prints. I have chosen the lithographs- Fertility, Lithograph date:1939 and Sultry Night, Lithograph 1937.

Below are some links for past sales on chosen Lithographs. More research would need to be done.

I will go to the Met Museum and do the study report on the conditions of the prints. Please will you write the essay and leave a bit where i can put in the condition of the prints the rest you can do but looking at the prints online. You will need to do extensive research and you will need to find other recourses other than the internet. I expect the Visual analysis to be written with extreme precision. Also the market analysis to be accurate. I have added some links to get you started on Market research of prints and a few past prices the prints have gone for. The questions on the sheet i have provided you with a just a starting point to get you thinking about the paper. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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