Conflict Report on North Korea

Conflict Report on North Korea

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The paper must encompass all these elements:

3. Evolution of the Conflict
3.1 Changes in the Conflicting Agenda
3.2 New and Old Positions of the Actors

4. Role of the International Community
4.1 United Nations
4.2 Regional Organizations
4.3 Role of Neighboring States
4.4 World Powers

5. Perspectives of Solution
5.1 New Initiatives
5.2 Obstacles for Reconciliation
5.3 Post-Conflict Situation

Conflict Report Guidelines

Each group will write and present to the class a Conflict Report during the course. In addition to the class-oriented objective of developing academic skills applied to the area of international security, this assignment encourages students to assume individual responsibility by contributing to the class (or collective group), as it usually happens in the labor market.

The final paper must be double-spaced (except abstract and bibliography in single-spaced), 12-point font and page numbered. The reference system used will be Harvard. The length of the paper should be between 3,500 and 4,000 words (340 words per page, approximately).

The conflict report must encompass the following elements combining in each section significant events and their analysis:

A)    Cover Page
The paper must begin with a title page.  The title page must include your paper title, your name, the course name and number, professor’s name, and the date you submit it.

B)    Sections of the paper

Introduction: Summary of the content of the report (one page)

1.    Origins of the Conflict
1.1    Historical roots (significant events, identities)
1.2    Type of conflict (racial, territorial, religious, economic)

2.    Actors in Conflict  (state and non-state actors)
2.1    Demands of groups
2.2    Response of the state(s)
2.3    Instruments used by the actors (terrorism, boycotts)

3.    Evolution of the Conflict
3.1    Changes in the Conflicting Agenda
3.2    New and Old Positions of the Actors

4.    Role of the International Community
4.1    United Nations
4.2    Regional Organizations
4.3    Role of Neighboring States
4.4    World Powers

5.    Perspectives of Solution
5.1    New Initiatives
5.2    Obstacles for Reconciliation
5.3    Post-Conflict Situation

C)    Works cited
This section will be single-spaced. It is expected that this section will include references to at least 6 scholarly sources in addition to sources from think tanks, newspapers and magazines. Reference Style Harvard.

The presentation to the class can be conducted with the support of any didactical materials (graphs, diagrams, power point, reproductions of tables of the book). The length of the presentation must be between 16 and 20 minutes and conclude with a section on questions for discussion.
The conflict report represents 20 per cent (20 points) of the final grade. The following elements will be evaluated in the grading of the conflict report:
Description    Score
Origins    2
Actors     2
Evolution    2
International Community    2
Perspectives of Solution    2
Works cited (6 scholarly sources at least)    2
Presentation (Clarity and informed answers to questions from classmates)    4
Spelling and Grammar: -0.2 for each misspelled word/unclear structures     1
Proper use of References (Harvard)    1
On-time electronic submission    2
Total    20


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