Configuring Files, NTFS, and Backups

Configuring Files, NTFS, and Backups
Sample Company does not have any network security guidelines. (For information about Sample Company see the Critical Thinking assignment for Week 3.) Your job is to create new network security guidelines that are secure but will not hinder workers from doing their jobs. It is important to be mindful of remote users and the various kinds of users in the workplace. Size of the organization should not matter, but you want your guidelines to be enforceable.

Use the Internet to find the security policies and standards of an organization, company, or entity. (State and federal sites are good sources should you have trouble finding this information.) Include in your paper a comparison of these policies and standards to the guidelines you’ve created. If you prefer, you can use the security policies and standards from your current employer for this comparison.

use at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed, in-text citations from reputable sources in the context of network security and authentication.

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