Concepts of core self-evaluation (CSE

Discuss how the concepts of core self-evaluation (CSE), self-monitoring, and proactive personality help us to understand personality.
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used instrument in the world to determine personality attributes; however, evidence is mixed about its validity as a measure of personality. Participants are classified on four axes to determine one of 16 possible personality types: Extroverted/Introverted; Sensing/Intuitive; Thinking/Feeling; and Judging/Perceiving attributes.
Discuss the validity of your findings – whether you agree or disagree with the results and why.
What is personality? How do we typically measure it? What factors determine personality?
Discuss the link between perception and decision-making.
Illustrate the difference between the rational model of decision making from bounded rationality and intuition.
Identify the three ethical decision criteria and differentiate each.
Describe the three-stage model of creativity.

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