Concept of masculinity in I’s Man

Choose one cultural text in any media (eg., visual, aural, or written) and find a central argument that it makes. You MUST also connect your topic to a Bahamian issue. While the text does not have to be about the Bahamas or written by a Bahamian, the argument must connect to an issue within the country. It can be a social, cultural or economic issue. You can either agree or disagree with the perspectives being taken by the text. Focus on one central question that the text addresses and write an argument either agreeing or criticizing it. You have to have a coherent rebuttal in your paper.

Possible topics:

Concept of masculinity in I’s Man

Justice as it is represented in Law Abiding Citizenand connected to the Bahamian Judicial system

Feminine stereotypes in Fat Joe’s Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” and the Bahamian social space

Efficacy of gambling in Simon Rodehn’s Tribuneopinion piece

Questions of race in Precious and the Bahamian economy

Stereotypes about class in Louis Althusser’s theory about Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses

 and the Bahamian education system

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