Computer Science Questions

Computer Science Questions

Project description
You are responsible for connecting the network to the Internet using Serial interface 3/3 on corporate 3640 router. The ISP has given you the address for the corporate router to attach to the Internet. What do you need to configure to allow users in the entire network to use the internet? List all the steps.

2.Access Control Lists
There are different types of Cisco Access Control Lists. Why would you choose one over the other? Explain in detail and provide examples.

Provide an example of how AppLocker can be used in a typical organization.

4.Password policies
Password policies are some of the more common policies we might find in an organization. Does your organization have a password policy? If so, what are some of the requirements found in it? If you’re not able to provide this information for any reason, then what are a few items that you think should be included in a password policy?

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