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Choose scenes or speeches from two of the plays we have read that seem similar in some significant way and compare and contrast them. What are the important similarities, what are the salient differences and how are those differences relevant to themes of each play. Consider the language, themes and images and how each scene or speech functions in dramatic context. Some suggestions for pairs of scenes you might consider:

A. The scenes of the clown and his pigeons in Titus Andronius 4.3 and 4.4 and the scene of old Gobbo and his doves and Lancelet Gobbo in Merchant of Venice 2.2.1-167.

b. Portia’s speech on mercy (Merchant of Venice 4.1) and Isabella’s speech on mercy (Measure for Measure 2.2)

C. The scene in which Adriana and Luciana kneel and ask justice of the Duke of Ephesus (Comedy of Errors 5.1) and the scene in which Isabella kneels and asks justice of the Duke of Vienna (Measure for Measure 5.1)

D. Aaron repenting his one good deed (Titus Andronicus 5.3) and Juliet repenting her sin (Measure for Measure 2.3) to the Duke disguised as Friar.
-Book References

Comedy of Errors, Simon & Schuster, Folger ed.

Titus Andronicus, Simon & Schuster, Folger ed.

Merchant of Venice, Simon & Schuster, Folger ed.

Measure for Measure, Simon & Schuster, Folger ed.

-12pts, Double Space, 4~5pages

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