Comparative Paper

Comparative Paper
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Each paper will apply a single theoretical idea from the theories of race (Racial Projects – Omi and Winnat).

Each comparative paper will start by posing a pointed question grounded in the theories of race. Students should make sure to quote and explicate a short passage from the referenced theoretical text in elaborating the question in the beginning of their paper. The paper will then continue by answering this question in terms of the historical materials presented in subsequent weeks. The conclusion will articulate a comparative response to the question posed, highlighting the similarities and differences between each case considered.
The essay should address the following question (which should serve as the clear thesis of the Essay – Feel free to use one of these questions verbatim):

“Beyond economic class interests, what interests motivated white supremacist racial projects in conquest of the Southwest, Hawaii, and in the current “War on Terror.”

These racial projects are from the reading from Omi and Winat
The essay DOES NOT have to be comprehensive regarding theory. It is completely acceptable – indeed for most students recommended – to stick with a question rooted in a single theoretical idea. Less is more. I want you to show that you have really grappled with an aspect of the theory, and to carry through an analysis with precision and depth. This will be challenging with one idea, and nearly impossible for most students, given time and space constraints, if you try to incorporate several theoretical ideas.

More specifically, your paper should have five distinct sections which utilize the attached articles in their respective sections (the sections should have a header, but the essay should flow from into to conclusion):
Intro; = Omi and Winat Reading (In defining Racial Projects and their relation to the question)
Latin@ and Indigenous Racialization (Racialization of American Latin@s and American Indians); = Glenn Chapter 5
Whiteness and Asian Racialization (Expansion of Whiteness and theRacialization of Asian America); = Glenn Chapter 6
Muslim Racialization (Racialization of Muslims in the U.S. and the Terror Wars) =Jamal and Naber/ Saliata
I have attached the articles that correspond to each of the sections,no other research in needed. These articles need to be cited in contextualizing each section, and in the discussion in its relation to the question.

Make sure that you are posing a clear analytic question in the introduction; that you are answering it in a pointed way in each historical section, providing ample evidence to support your analysis; and that you draw comparative generalizations across the four moments you have analyzed in your conclusion, pointing out similarities and differences across your cases.
Notes for Essay:
• Need a well developed Introduction
o Pose question in interesting way
o Connect question to the Racial Projects from Omi and Winat Reading
• Focused Essay
o With only relative history that connects to question and theory (the theory of racial projects from Omi & Winat)
• Can no just state facts, but need to discuss them
• Do not underestimate the differences
Need to go in depth analysis and differences

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