Commercial Analysis

There are two parts to this. Both parts must be posted by their respective deadlines; otherwise, your forum contribution will not earn a grade. Use the grading rubric for discussion forums to help you develop your forum posts.

Due date–10:00 p.m., Friday, March 19 (Word count: 250, minimum)

View the commercial below. Then, answer the following questions:

What do most people think when they see a rodent running loose in their home? Why?
In this commercial, however, many people may feel sympathetic to the mouse. Why?
What is the primary appeal made by the ad, in terms of Fowles’ categories? What, if any, are the secondary appeals?
What is the chief attention-getting technique in this commercial?
How does the commercial make use of such tools as humor, surprise, or human interest to achieve its goals?
What is the relationship between the visuals and the audio track (pay close attention to the events and the lyrics)? How do audio and video work together to achieve the sponsor’s purpose?
How does the commercial’s visual techniques work to convey the message? Consider camera movement; style and pace of editing (juxtaposition of individual shots); and visual composition (the framing of the mouse and/or objects within the shot).
How do the words at the end of the commercial work to communicate the commercial’s message?

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