Collaborative Teaming for Better IEPs

Collaborative Teaming for Better IEPs

answer the questions accordingly, APA format 6th edition and provide evidence.
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Based on your assigned readings that include the Challenging Scenario (Winterman & Rosas, 2014, pp. 23-25), respond to the following:

1. Complete Activity 2.2 (Winterman & Rosas, 2014, p. 34) and re-create the matrix.
2. Complete the matrix based on your interpretation of Andy’s or Amy’s needs (specify whose needs you are interpreting).
3. Post your completed matrix and a 3 to 4 paragraph response to the following questions:
•How (format, strategy) would you share the information completed, per factor in Activity 2.1 (Winterman & Rosas, p. 34), with Andy or Amy’s parent?
Note: We will assume that Andy and Amy’s placement is in the grade-appropriate classroom for more than 66% of the school day.
•What are the implications for how the information could affect the parent relationship with you (special education teacher) and other team members (general education teacher, paraeducator, assistive technology specialist, speech and language pathologist, and any other relevant related service provider) Regarding:

?Level of support need in the general education classroom;
?General education teacher beliefs on inclusion; and
?General education teachers’ support needs.

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