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With new information continually emerging, professional nurses must be equipped to critique scholarly
literature and discern its value for practice.
Select one current, qualitative or mixed methods scholarly nursing article related to your PICOT question and
determine its strengths, limitations, and potential application.
Complete the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Appendix E Evidence Appraisal ToolPreview
the document. Once you’ve completed the tool, use your own words to summarize your appraisal of the article.
Include the following:
Description of the purpose

Explanation of research designDiscussion of sample
Description of data collection methods
Summary of findings
Strengths of the study (minimum of 1)
Limitations of the study (minimum of 1)
Recommendations regarding potential application for future practice that are insightful and appropriate.
Attach the article to your post, in addition to including the full reference for the article in your post.

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