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4 page paper with a creative title, topic is cohabitation, needs 3-5 scholarly references and proper formatting and reference page

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1er Scan ert I ng Ass gnment
OBEIHVES Througt thisass’gnment you will.
El gain knowledge about a particular topic in life span psychology Cm
El gain experience using CDM’inbray , A
El become acritical consumer of information i 9 g
El summarize and synthesize information in written form V (-2
You will write a minimum 4wpge paper on your chosen topic, relating the information you have discovered about
that topicto the reader in aweII-written manner. Your writing should be collegelevel and should refled an
understandim of the topic based on scholarly researdm The due date for your paper islisted on the Course
Saltedule, on the Assignment itself, and in an Announcement on Backboard.
The Life Scan Writing Assignment will be worth atota of 150 pointstoward your find tota.
You will be required to use at least 3 (but no more than 5) scholarly researdw iournal articles asreference
materialsfor this paper. These articles may be found on the College’sonline reseach database’. You may NOT use
an interng a‘te fiarfierence! Only published, pfl-reviewed, iournal articles will m mted. If yo’ u fiaVe
difficultyfinding these articles, please contaa the librarians-they are there to help you.
Your paper mus 4 (full) pageslong (not including reference page) and will consist of acreative title, introductory
paragaph, body, and ccndusion (or summation paraJraph).

Oeative Title: You should submit an origi nd title that reflects your chosen topic in a witty and creative
way. No pressure here, just do something interesting!

Introductory Parggm: Your introductory paragraph should indicate your chosen topic asde as
introduce some background knowledge the reader may want to know before leaning more
about the topic. Define the topic as you know it, and asyou have discovered in your research.

Body: The body of your paper should relay all information you believe the reader should know about your
chosen topic Be sure that your writing is dear, concise, and flowslogically from one sentence
(and paragaph) to the next. The Body should be broken down into log’cally organized
paragaphs- not just one long paragaph. It is up to you to determine what you want the reader
to gain from your resea’dw. You should use proper MLAor APA dtationsin the body
(introductory and oond usion paragraphs included) of your paper indicating where you received
you information.

Conclusion: Your oond usion (or summation) pa’agaph should summarize all that you have written in the
body. Your ocndus‘on pa’agaph should logically follow from the body of the paper.

Reference m: (separate page, properly formatted) You must cite at of the research materialsyou
adually used in the course of writing thispaper in either MLAor APAformat. DO NOTput
journal artideson your reference page if you did not cite them in the body of your paper.

Be sure to cite your referenced material in the body of your paper, and ensure that the readers ae well aware of
when you are citing referenced materials and when you are stating your own personal opinion.

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