Coding and Compliance

Name and describe three of the seven OIG elements of an effective compliance plan. Explain how you would implement these three elements at your facility if you were the compliance officer.
Propose at least three policies and procedures that would be appropriate in a coding compliance plan. Choose one and elaborate on its importance in being included in the coding compliance plan.
Blooms Level 6 – Create
2) OIG Work Plan Evaluation

You are the new Coding Manager. Locate the current Office of Inspector General Work Plan Active Issues on the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General website. Review these Active Work Plan Items and choose three that you would like to audit in your coding department.

Write a memo to your Compliance Officer outlining the three key areas you have chosen to audit for your facility. Identify which areas would be appropriate for the auditing schedule, which areas would be appropriate for the education schedule, and which areas would be appropriate for both schedules.

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