Clinical Ethics issue

Clinical Ethics issue
Up-to-3500-word paper exploring a clinical ethics issue of potential relevance to you as a medical student, related to an actual case that you have witnessed during observerships or office preceptor time. Evaluation will be based on quality and clarity of exploration and analysis of the issues, cogency of argument, independent thought, and use of relevant references and sources. Include justification for your thoughts and opinions. Appropriate citations must be included.

Please read carefully the clinical scenario for the as it is the main topic for writing the paper concerning ethical principles.

During my first year in medical school on one of my preceptor session at airport health centre, a female patient came into the doctors room for the some medical attebtion. The woman seemed distrssed, unwell, and shedding tears most of the time. She came in pushing her baby stroller and her infant was sleeping. After giving her thoughts and complaints to the doctor, it turns out that her husband was brutally beating her up. The poor woman could not hold much longer till she spilled the beans from her story bottle. She stated that she has persistsnt non stopping fights with her husband and whips her back with his belt over a silly argument. The woman also inferred that an attempt of strangling her by her husband happened. Her primary visit was asking a leave of absense paper for her working agency, as she could have some time to look after her kids. The doctor immediately worked on getting the paper ready without showing any concerns for the womans tragedy.

In the paper, I will discuess the following ethcial problems,

Should the doctor acquired further information from the wife regarding her ordeal?

Is filing a repoert to the social service the wise decision to make?

What could possibly be the final outcome and prospcet on the other kids and the recent infant?

Considering the cold attitude the doctor gave to the patient, should he be penalized for not reporting th case to the police since a confession of physical attack and strangling was made in front of him?

Make sure the paper is centred around this clinical case above, which talks about domestic abuse, and it is imperative that you cover the listed objectives above as well. A maximum of 10 sources should be used for this paper with proper documentation. Let me know if you have any questions. I might upload some papers and articles to might be relevant to this topic

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