Children’s Literature

Children’s Literature

Final paper is to be such a research paper. For your proposal (midterm) paper, you laid the groundwork for the beginning of the research paper. As a result, you should already have an object of study, an approach to “frame” that object, and prior criticism about that object.

(Book used: “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein) Attached, please find proposal draft with comments from professor.

The final paper is expected to have:
1. A clear, concise thesis statement that asserts something compelling about the object of study.
2. The thesis statement supported throughout the paper.
3. Background scholarship that assists in explaining why the thesis is new and
4. Supporting evidence in the form of textual analysis and scholarship.
5. Proper paragraph structure and organization.
6. Proper grammar and mechanics.
Length: 6 – 10 pages of writing (double-spaced; one side of the page); 1 page for resources
Format: MLA

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