Child Protection Training Program

Topic: Child Protection Training Program

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1. Introduction Brief overview of the key findings of the study, to focus the reader’s minds after reading 3 results chapters (chapter 4,5, and 6) uploaded attachments.

2. Answering the research questions (found in methodology chapter 3)- Link the results to theory to practice (the order with the sections below can vary) select 4-5 key findings and discuss them in the context of the literature (here you can quote again important references).

a. Professionals’ perceptions, including the benefits and limitations of the child protection training programme, in aiding their practice with child abuse and neglect cases.
b. The perceived factors that influence the implementation of child protection training.
c. How can policy, services and training be improved to meet children’s needs?

3. Why the results are important

4. Then, M

ethodological implications (including limitations of the study). Policy, service, practice and training implications.


6. Conclusions (they need to be brief – two paragraphs maybe – with no references).

I have attached discussion chapter pdf file as a sample of what I am looking for in this order and it is a close study of what I did.
the second pdf file is how to write a discussion chapter.
2 studies I will email them because I can not upload them to help the writer in writing the recommendations in the discussion chapter.
the main file is a word document is my whole thesis.

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