chicano wall mural

chicano wall mural

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Task #1. Find a mural that is interesting to you. Take photographs of it w/your smart phone to include in the problem. Be sure to embed photos in text so you can upload your problem on {See attached pictures at the bottom of this page}

Task #2. Getting information about the mural.
There are four sources to help you think and write an analysis of your mural.
1. the text book
2. The attached information about context and interpretation
3. Asking people who might know.
Ask inside the building – that is not always helpful. If the building has changed ownership since the mural was made or owners use a different language than you do, information about the outside wall mural may not be known or remembered. Sometimes managers do happen to know a little bit, they can give you some helpful clues.
4. On the mural itself – often the artists have signed their names, there are
dedication panels and the images they use to express their ideas. Some are
obvious, some are more subtle.
You want to find out:
1. How the mural was funded.
2. Who were the artists?
3. Is there a particular cause or is it community awareness, cultural

Task #3. Spend an hour with a notebook, in front of it.
What are the images that you see? –
What do they signify to you?
Do the images relate to your cultural heritage or is it all strange? If it is strange, how did the textbook assist you to understand the images?
Taking all the images together, is the focus of the mural on cultural issues? Political issues? Social or Health related issues? Child nurturing? Family? Sports?

What is the physical context of the mural? Is it visible from a distance? How well do you think it blends with the sidewalk and surroundings? How does the mural accommodate the architecture?
Do you have a series of images that all relate to one history? One story?
How are the images grouped? How are the groups tied together, visually? Symbolically? What are the shapes? Do they have a coherence or do the shapes change style? Colors! Where are the colors and do they seem to have any symbolic importance in their placement?

Task #4. Write the analysis of your mural, using your photos.
First tell why you chose this mural, tell the background of it, describe it, illustrate it. If you use outside information, be sure to give that reference. (Example, if you say “the mural is one of many in the Bay Area that focus on social injustice.” You’d better add the reference that allows you to make that statement). (“<internet site> accessed July __, 2010” or for a book “(author, date of publication”) and at the end of your problem, give a “References Cited” list in alphabetical order.

Then discuss the placement of images – symmetrical? (for example) Is it trying to create an illusion of space? Discuss colors here as well.
Finish by relating the purpose of the muralists who painted it to the funding/patrons and the purpose for it. Do you think it is successful? Does it communicate? If you do not have Latino heritage, what does it communicate to you? Are you aware of any mental boundaries that you can’t cross? If you have Latino heritage, what does it communicate to you? Does it refer to anything that you and your family have discussed or that has been part of a spoken history?

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