Characteristics of a Good Supervisor

Characteristics of a Good Supervisor

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Assignment 3.3: Supervision Scenario—Characteristics of a Good Supervisor

This assignment supports the following course outcomes:
• Review the competencies and key skills needed to be effective in a supervisory position
• Demonstrate supervision skills to meet challenges in the workplace
• Demonstrate planning, goal-setting, and organizing skills
• Demonstrate staffing, recruiting, and retention skills
• Demonstrate control process skills
Assignment Overview
Respond to the following real-world scenarios using the major principles of supervision as your guide. Be sure to demonstrate how people who may not have any formal training or background in supervision can apply these principles.
• A four- to six-page (1,000- to 1,500-word) report
Assignment Details
Perform the following tasks:
Step 1: Review the assignment requirements.
Demonstrate that you are prepared for a promotion by applying what you have learned in this course to successfully resolve the real-world supervisory challenges presented below. Be sure to incorporate the most relevant principles of supervision in your written response to the scenarios presented. The consultant has provided you with the following requirements:

Title: Supervision Scenario—Characteristics of a Good Supervisor
• You have been asked to take on responsibility for an additional production department of 14 people and will need to hire a supervisor for the animation and graphics group. In a short job description, define the general role of a supervisor and the key skills that are required. Be sure that these skills are clearly related to the challenges that supervisors face in the workplace. Differentiate between the process skills and the people skills that supervisors require to be effective and provide several real-life examples to highlight how these skill sets are different. Highlight an ethical consideration related to each skill set.
• You have a vacancy in your department, so it is imperative that you understand your responsibilities in the hiring process. Develop a hiring plan that demonstrates how you will utilize the support HR provides in the recruitment, hiring, and training of new employees. Your hiring plan should specifically address diversity and should outline your role as a supervisor with respect to diversity in the hiring process.
• You have been asked to contribute to an effort to create annual goals for your department based on the strategic and long-term objectives of the organization to improve quality and increase productivity. As your contribution to the strategic plan, provide two goals to meet these organizational objectives. Be sure to differentiate between strategic and tactical goals.Explain your recommendations as to how to plan to achieve those goals and the organizational and staffing changes the goals will require.
• The annual employee survey revealed that your employees are not as motivated as they could be and that they want more professional development. Retention is a huge issue at Fun Mind Works, so you have to do something to address this issue. You also have an ongoing performance issue with an employee who is consistently late for work and delivering low-quality work. Create an employee development plan to motivate and retain all your employees. In your recommendations, address when and how you plan to use the preventive, concurrent, and corrective supervisory control mechanisms to motivate and retain employees, including the employee who is not meeting performance expectations.

Step 2: Write the report.
In a four- to six-page (1,000- to 1,500-word) document, provide answers to the scenarios that meet the topical requirements listed in Step 1. Format your document in the following manner:
• All material should be contained within one document.
• Put the content in the order presented above and try to build upon the concepts you identified in previous answers.
• At the end of the report, cite the sources you used to complete it.
Remember, it is important that you not only identify the major principles of supervision but that you also show how you would use these principles to help you do your job most effectively! Follow these guidelines in writing your responses to the scenarios:
• Use clear, concise sentences.
• Use clear and relatable real-world examples to help explain concepts.
• Use language appropriate for a new supervisor with no formal training.
• Share your enthusiasm and interest in the subject matter.
• Relate the material to your personal experiences whenever possible.
• Read the report out loud to yourself before finalizing it.

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