Certification Plan (PSCP) and the TC/STC

Compose a PSCP to include an M6A4 STC certification checklist.

Part A: Compose the M6A4 STC certification checklist
Items to note as you complete the checklist:
You are going to apply for an STC replace the IO-360 engine in a Cessna 172S aircraft with a 3.0-liter automotive engine (pick your favorite manufacturer). The STC will apply to all S model 172’s.​
The auto engine is currently in production in vehicles for sale in the US. It has the latest automotive engine technology, i.e. aluminum block, and heads, dual overhead cams, 4 valves per cylinder, electronic engine management, electronic fuel injections, no turbocharging or supercharging. It is a standard production engine, not a high-performance version.

Part B: Write the PSCP to apply for this STC
Include a description of all the parts that will need to be designed or modified, you don’t need to design them. Provide enough detail to show you have thought through what is involved, for example; a new engine mount will be designed to meet FAR 23.xxx to connect to the firewall in the same locations as the existing mount and bolt to the rear of the auto engine.​
Include which regulations you need to Show Compliance with.​
Assume you will have available DER’s in all needed areas, but explain how you will use them.​

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