Causal relationships

Studies have shown that a causal relationship exists between culture and juvenile delinquent acts. Easy access to the Internet, television programs, video games, and pop music have been perceived as reasons for the decline in social values and morals in young people. These media sources normalize harmful lifestyles, like the use of drugs, rebellion toward family authority, and sexual irresponsibility. If this new culture of excessive exposure to media promotes delinquency, and teenagers are influenced to display undesired behavior, is it logical to say that the current sources of media contribute to juvenile delinquency?
Is excessive exposure to media a causal factor or risk factor that leads to juvenile delinquency? Explain your reasons.
Analyze the given scenario from a choice theory perspective and highlight the causations.
How do learning theorists categorize the levels after which people are less likely to commit delinquent acts despite their exposure to popular media?

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