Case Study of Casey Anthony

Select a crime that has been adjudicated through the court system where the subject has been convicted or
acquitted of the charged crime and who denies committing the crime they are accused of. Review all case
evidence you can find on the case. Prepare a four page paper on your selected case. Your paper should
address the following:
1) A summary of the case (what happened)
2) Identify who is involved or suspected of being involved (victims/witnesses/suspects)
3) Identify evidence associated with the case and the process the police used in collecting evidence relating to
the case.
4) Develop an opinion (based on supported evidence) who you believe committed the crime and why.
5) Include crime scene photos, sketches and anything relating to the case with your paper as attachments
(attachments do not count toward your four pages)
Additionally you will need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation consisting of no less than 5 slides that
highlights important facts and evidence from your paper, to present your case to the class (jury).
You should refer to your textbook chapters dealing with documenting the crime scene through crime sketch,
photographing and video; searches; crime scene evidence, forensic and physical; obtaining evidence;
interviewing and interrogation; identifying and arresting suspects and death i,nvestigations.

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