Case Study: Implementation of OpChart

Case Study: Implementation of OpChart

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Use the following questions as a guide for your analysis of 400 – 600 words. We are seeking evidence of your critical thinking, i.e., the application of your readings for the week (or prior weeks) to the case. There is no “right” answer; it is about sentences that start “I think….” and reflect changes in one’s belief based on something learned and applied.

Read the case study:

Hoot, N. R., & Sanders, D. L. (2005). Case 8. Implementation of OpChart in West Medical Building. In N. M. Lorenzi, J. S. Ash, J. Einbinder, W. McPhee, L. Einbinder (Eds.), Transforming Health Care Through Information (pp. 81-91). New York: Springer.

Discovery question
• What do you think are the main failings of OpChart? Why? With the insight of current research on workflows, what would you do differently? Why?

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