Case Study Analysis

Case Study Analysis

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This is a ‘report’ style assessment using the headings from the rubric.
The case studies relate to 3 different events:
1. A business event to be held at the Marriott Hotel
2. The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
3. Chinese New Year Parade in Melbourne CBD

1. The business event is to be held at the Melbourne Marriott Hotel during December, 2016. It involves a management training and business conference program for 50 Chinese executives from the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.
The event is organised by a Melbourne consulting group (Australia China Executive Education) in conjunction with a Chinese pharmaceuticals distributor (Red Panda Pharmaceuticals). The attendees are employees of Red Panda, along with Red Panda’s key customers from hospitals and pharmacies. The program involves management training provided by Australia China Executive Education, some tourism, and the display and marketing of the latest Red Panda products. The duration of the event is 2 weeks.

2. The 2018 Commonwealth games are to be held at Gold Coast City in April, 2018. Extensive information is publicly available on the internet.

3. In Melbourne CBD, the Chinese New Year Parade takes place in Federation Square and Chinatown, Russell Street and is accompanied by street stalls, performances, etc. Again, extensive information is publicly available on the internet.

Students are required to report on all above events and specifically:
– Introduction
– Identify the key event stakeholders for each event
– Assess the potential impact of each stakeholder / stakeholder group (Diagrammatic representations such as the Interest Versus Interest Grid can be utilised)
– Examine the variation in stakeholder impacts, and discuss the causes and implications of those variations
– Conclusion

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