Case Study 9 : Converting to an EHR Messaging System

Case Study 9 : Converting to an EHR Messaging System

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write the questions below and answer each one.
1. Outline the steps that you would take to ensure a successful conversion from the existing call center system to the new EHR Compatible system. Defend your response

2. Who should be involved in the conversion planning and implementation? Discuss the roles of the people on your list and your reasons for selecting them.

3. What are some strategies that you would employ to minimize physicians and other users resistance to the conversion? Research several websites such as and or any other pertinent website that you may find to add any additional approaches to this issue.

4. Do you think that making sure all units are running the same EHR functions is a necessary precursor to the conversion to the messaging and prescription writing components? What information would be helpful in making this determination? Again, conduct several website searches to research and support your arguments.

5. How might the implementation of the patient portal feature address some of the current issues? What workflow considerations will need to be made?
the case file will be provided and few answers in another file but not for all the questions

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