Case Analysis Exercise (15 points) – 74-232

Case Analysis Exercise (15 points) – 74-232

Overview (2015 Winter)

This exercise requires an analysis of the case and writing a report that develops an argument to support your recommendations.

Report: You might consider composing your report as a consultant to a Sales and Marketing Manager of the organization who has asked for your opinion on the situation.

The Manager is aware of the situation, however, the report may be used as a communication piece to investors, therefore, you will want to assume you are educating the

reader and a full qualitative and quantitative analysis is appropriate. The case report should be neat, readable, clear, and divided into sections and sub-sections for

clarity and organization. Use of lists, tables, charts, financial documents, and graphs are recommended to enhance your report (description of calculations within

tables should be shown in a foot note). As a suggestion, the text portion of the report may be any length.

Report Format (suggestion only, mainly interested in an organized report):

Section 1    Executive Summary: A brief summary of what is contained in the report (an abstract – less than one page), which includes a summary of the

recommendation. A Title page is expected and a table of contents would be useful; remember to number the pages.

Section 2    Objectives or introduction of the report: This introductory section should include what it is that you are attempting to do in the report (This section

could be one paragraph; you might consider using it to identify the problem). For example, you may be attempting to evaluate whether to accept a proposal.

Section 3    Situation, Analysis, and Findings: This section of the paper should include a brief review of the situation (caution, more than just a SWOT analysis),

an analysis of the organization, buyers, competitors, market etc.(see powperpoint slides week one) During the analysis you may be required to make some assumptions

(market size, growth, competitors, distributor set up, shopping habits, pricing, overheads, salaries…). Finally, this section may include quantitative calculations or

analysis. Consider creating exhibits to summaries data.

Section 4    Alternatives and Analysis: This section of the report should be broken into alternatives with  a detailed analysis (pro / con; financial statements) of

each. Summary tables are sometimes usefully, especially if comparing financial outcomes.

Section 5    Recommendations: It is important to clearly state recommendations to the Manager, as needed. This section should indicate the potential financial

implications (i.e. a proforma income statement). This section may also include an implementation plan (i.e. two stage implementation), if needed. In some cases, a full

marketing strategy is required. You may refer back to an alternative, but re-stating the material here will assist the reader with reference to the marketing strategy

(e.g.4P’s). Also, some decisions may require details on the implementation of the recommendations (who, when, where…).

Appendix A    If needed, extensive data analysis, charts may be included in an Appendix

Hardcopy reports are due within the week (i.e. next class) – please no folders, binders etc.; just a cover sheet with the names of the group members. Please do not

include any identification of the group within the report.


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