Case Analysis: 4 of 4 – Case 9 Chapter 9, Nike

Before starting your work, you will want to preview the objectives in the assignment’s rubric. For example, the rubric could require Biblical Integration. Reviewing your rubrics reminds you and shows strategic planning.


See Appendix: Case Analysis; and Case Analysis Boxes throughout the text – see page numbers below for more specific explanations of each point. (Updated for Parnell 6th Edition)

For the HW cases, answer only the first 15 questions.

For the Minor, Major, and Final Project, answer all of the questions.

The chart shows the pages to find the terminology. Following the pattern below will ensure your readiness for planning and developing strategy with the steps. Our textbook Appendix starting on page A-1 has information to guide you.

HW Case Study SummariesInstructions: This project requires you to apply the concepts and methods learned so far in the course. This is an individual project.Please write the research paper in accordance with the Appendix: Case Analysis found in the rear of your text, incorporating APA standards and citing a minimum of five (5) journal sources, and/or business trade resources.For your HW papers, your paper submission should follow the below stated composition and formatting guidelines; and be composed unto a “Word Document.”

Title page with your name, course, date, and an appropriate title.
You can use single or double space, Times New Roman, and 12pt font.
Support your position.
When all is done, give a brief conclusion.

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