Business Process Management and Systems

Business Process Management and Systems

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Prepare an outline structured on the ERP implementation project you plan to execute. Ensure the application of the concepts and techniques learnt in this module, such as: ERP, MIS, enterprise system architectures, risk management.
Start from the proposal you are assigned to, which is to define a strategy document for a gold mining company to instill better performance through a holistic integration (of its various functions) from the previous integrated functions into a fully integrated system that lands into a cloud management system.
Your paper has to be structured around the following points:
1. Introduction
2. Problem statements
3. Project objectives
4. ‘As-is’ analysis of the business process
5. A map of the business process and interactions (Major activities)
6. Key areas for improvement (High-level categories)
7. Strategy of ERP adoption
8. Request for proposals (RFP)
9. Selection of ERP options
10. Plan of ERP project implementation
11. Conclusion
Your role is not to write an extensive paper but briefly explain what falls under each item of the above.
The Outline must also show clear boundaries between the following sections:
-The supply chain of the business and its main operations management process
-Major activities in the business process map
-High-level categories for improvements in the as-is map
-The components of the RFP
Compulsory references to include:

Remember that your aim is:
• Achieving a wider integration of several business functions into operational groups/centres. Assume that an operational centre is an aggregation of 2 or 3 departments into a functional decision making process without creating an additional reporting layer
• Further integration from business centres into more aggregation to the point where a fully integrated platform is created, ‘the unified ERP’
• Creating a corporate cloud environment from the unified ERP
Also remember Your deliverables:
• A standardized systems across all operations
• Cost reduction and efficiency
• Improved communication and closer communication
• Reliable and fast access to data and information
• Improved decision making process
• Optimized business processes
• Sustainable and profitable growth
• Foundation for operational excellence

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