Business management

A 2000-word Enterprise Plan report about SOFT DRINKS
A visual report,
including financial
data and customer
feedback, evaluating
the enterprise.
Appendices to the
report will include: a
diary/log of day-today activities carried
out while running the
enterprise together
with appropriate
statement, weekly
The 2000-word enterprise report is the building blocks of your idea. It is a visual report that
proposes and evaluates the viability of an enterprise. The plan makes up a majority of your
research and findings which are then refined and condensed for your investors pack.
Note: It is important that you are evaluating the enterprise with primary data and feedback.
You have already been introduced to a range of primary research sources which should be
utilised for this component. You are encouraged to reach out to professionals within the sector
your enterprise falls under in order to gain industry-facing thoughts and feedback on your
Below are the headings you need to produce this report:
Title Page – your name, unit code and title of report
Contents Page – including page numbers, section sub-headings and sub numbers
Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
    • Purpose of the report and why the report was written
    • Sources of information you have used for your report
    • Limitations of your research
    • How you conducted your research (primary and secondary)
  2. Proposal
    2.1 Business Summary
    2.2 Business Aims & Mission Statement, Strapline
    2.3 Financial Summary – current situation and indication of investment required to start this
    proposal (ROI, projected growth, annual turnover, break even etc.)
    2.4 Business Planning – how much income do you intend to generate and how will this be
  3. Opportunity
    3.1 Market Conditions – Market size, share, performance, growth, shrinkage etc.
    3.2 Gap in the Market – Key external influences that justifying your enterprise proposal
    3.2 Competitor Evaluation – Key players, pricing strategies, product/service offering etc.
    3.3 Customer Profiling – Target Consumer, their demands, trends, buying motives etc.
    3.4 Viability – Primary feedback in response to your enterprise proposal (industry and
    customer feedback, focus groups, interviews, witness accounts etc.)
  4. Implementation
    4.1 Product / services of your proposal – include range plan if applicable
    4.2 Price Band matrix
    4.3 Distribution strategy – International, National or Regional, Omni-Channel etc.
    4.4 Any additional supportive content – branding proposals, logo etc. (Optional)
  5. Unique Selling Point (USP)
  6. Conclusion
    Your conclusion should be evaluative and suggest the potential for future development.
    Highlight the key points of your findings and summarise your enterprise proposal.
  7. Appendices

  • A diary/log of day-to-day activities carried out while running the enterprise

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