: Business Innovation

Topic: Business Innovation
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Vision and Opportunity
• The student clearly defines at least 3 of their career and/or educational goals after graduating from HCT.
• The student discusses in detail their purpose, their values, and their mission. Also, lists the 3 key questions that guide their choices. These are essential questions that serve as touchstones to direct the student’s life and work.
• The student provides at least 3 examples from the current job market and opportunities available to them. This must align with the student’s goals, taking into consideration their opportunities to make a difference.
Marketing and Implementation Strategy
• The student has created their market positioning statement, directed at a hypothetical employer, industry, organization, or the world at large.
• The student clearly describes the compelling value that they will offer to their potential employers and society.
• The student defines how they will differentiate from other UAE students or from the broader populace.
Risks and Mitigation
• The student clearly identifies the key milestones and checkpoints in their plan. In addition to describing how they will measure, or determine if they have successfully attained these milestones, and explain how they define success.
• External factors that might affect attaining success are clearly mentioned (Positively or adversely).
• The student has developed 3 contingency and risk mitigation strategies.
• The student identifies how they plan to practice ethical principles in their daily actions.
• The student mentions their choice of mentors in addition to justifying why they choose each.
• Based on the “six-word memoir” exercises, the student summarizes their PBP in 6 words that are applicable and relevant.
• Formatting is clear, used times new roman font, size 12, spacing is 1.5. Header and footer include student name, ID, and course details. Citation and referencing must be included in an attached page.

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