Business Information System, MS Access Individual Project

  1. Import or create the InsurancePlan table from the excel file. You may import this into Access or manually create the table. Be sure to set the index and
    primary key. (20 points)
  2. Create an employee report showing First Name, Last Name, Title, City (Location), State, Plan Name, and the Cost to the Employer. Name this query
    “Employee Report”. (30 points)
  3. Create a second query and filter this for one state of your choosing. Make sure the state field is not in the query output. Perform this filter in the query
    designer and not using the filter feature on the query output. Name this query “XX Employers” where XX is the abbreviation for the state you chose. (30
  4. Create a query that shows the aggregate Cost to Employer by state and plan. The output should have the fields in this order: State, PlanName,
    CostToEmployer. Name this query “Insurance Cost to Employer”. (20 points)

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