business ethics

business ethics

1- please use this book as resource ( Business In Ethical Focus, An Anthology, edited by Fritz Allhoff and Anand Vaidya, Broadview Press, 2008)

2- please focused in question

As announced in class, this time around you get to choose one of the following themes from the class syllabus: distributive justice, affirmative action, truth and deception in advertising, creation of desire in advertising or employee rights. (If you choose to write on distributive justice, however, be sure to focus primarily on the papers by Nozick and Rawls.) The same general criterion as last time apply; that is, you will be evaluated on clarity of exposition, on your ability to argue in support of a position, and on your ability to argue against rival positions. Remember that you do not need to discuss all of the arguments made by the authors you are examining. Rather the point is to critically engage the essays and to use what you need to argue for your thesis. The paper should be double spaced, 7 pages long.

Here are some questions you should keep in mind in writing your paper:

Does your paper have a clearly articulated thesis?
Is the thesis supported by arguments?
Are these arguments logically structured?
Do you make use of the primary texts in defending your thesis?
Have you anticipated potential criticisms of your position and demonstrated why your position is superior to rival interpretations?
Is your writing clear and to the point?
Is your writing technically flawless, free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors?
Do you have proper documentation in a consistent style?
Then, find two examples of an I-IT relationship in the movie "Arranged" and explain the philosophy these should be categorized this way. Finally, answer is there an I-Thou relationship in the movie? If so again carefully explain why you think this is the case by using Buber such relationships explain why.


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